Every country & region has its own individual culture, and with that its own cuisine. One of the key aims of the Sake Sommelier Association is to promote sake as an international drink that crosses borders and matches just as easily with non-Japanese palates as Japanese ones. Following this idea the Sake Sommelier Association has expanded its Sake Challenges to new locations.

Much like Jizake across Japan offering different sake to pair with their prefecture’s foods, the different Sake Challenges across the world are designed to become specialised competitions to compare styles of sake that best match with their local cuisines. Unlike larger, international, events where it’s easy to be lost amongst the crowd; the tailored & bespoke Sake Challenges offer fantastic opportunities for breweries to launch into regional markets based upon each competitions’ local market research.

The Concept of the Sake Challenges

The Sake Challenge aims to celebrate sake as an international drink that crosses borders and cultures. The Challenge brings together an amazing community of brewers and sommeliers from around the globe, giving unprecedented access to connect and build relationships within the global sake community. We aim to make contributions to the understanding and appreciation of sake in your country, region and community with the end goal of helping unify and connect the world of sake.